My name is Nasser Haghighat and I live in Irving, Texas. I was born in Tehran, Iran and came to the USA in 1976. After receiving my Ph.D. from the University of Arkansas I went on to work as a post-doctoral research associate in molecular and cellular parasitology in the Department of Biological Sciences at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. At SMU, I worked on developing protocols for identification, purification and characterization of calcium-binding proteins in Trypanosoma brucei, a single-cell parasite that causes Trypanosomiasis. This work led to the identification and purification of 3 novel proteins. In my next job as Research Scientist at Texas A&M University Health Sciences Center I worked on the development of an immobilized pH gradient gel electrophoresis system that led to the identification of autoantigens in Sjogren’s Syndrome. From 2006 until my retirement in August 2013 I was the Director of Research for a non-profit organization in Fort Worth, Texas. My education and training are in biological and statistical research and I have more than 30 peers reviewed publications that can be viewed online at the National Library of Medicine.

I plan to visit nine countries along the northern route of The Silk Road and share a day in the life of each country in photographs, totally non-political. This project will take about six years and will hopefully be completed in 2023. 



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