Grand Bazaar

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Kerman was established as a defensive outpost by Ardeshir I, founder of Sassanid Empire, in the 3rd century AD. Kerman feels like a very large city with wide boulevards and sidewalks. First surprise: How is it possible for a city in the Lute Kavir (Lute desert) to be so green? Where do they get the water to maintain all these pistachios, pomegranate, walnut and other fruit and ornamental trees? It is much greener than Yazd. It is located on a large, flat plain, 1,036 km (643 mi) south of Tehran, the capital of Iran. I visited many ancient garrisons, public baths, mosques, caravansary, and bazaars. People were very kind to me and went out of their way to help me with taking photos and videos and sharing their stories, which is the best part of these trips. Click HERE to watch a video of Kerman’s Bazaar and HERE to watch a video of the historic Ganjali Khan Bathhouse.

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