Road from Kerman to Mahan

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One morning I drove to Mahan, a city about 30 km southeast of Kerman. The divided highway named Haft Bagh (Seven Gardens) is gorgeous with ornamental trees in the median and sides. Here I visited Bagh Shahzadeh (Prince’s Garden). This UNESCO World Heritage garden is 13.6 acres and is so breathtaking that I could have spent a day just sitting and doing nothing but admiring its majestic beauty. This garden is fairly young (164 years old) compared to other historic sites that are 3,000+ years old. I saw 5 vans with European license plates parked at the gate. I am amazed at how far they have driven to get here, maybe 6 days. Click HERE to watch a video of the garden. I also spent a couple of hours visiting the shrine of Shah Nimatollah Vali, a 14th-century poet, and Sufi Master. Click HERE to watch a video of the shrine.

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