Sanandaj to Hamadan

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I left Hamadan at 9:00 AM and traveled to Sanandaj which is the capital of Kurdistan province. It is about 180 km (112 miles) west of Hamadan. It took about 2.5 hours through a beautiful mountainous drive. Kurdistan borders Iraq. We drove through a few villages and a town called Qorveh and arrived in Sanandaj around 11:30 AM. I went to the center of the city and asked a Kurdish gentleman for direction to the bazaar, Kurdish Home,  Abidar Mountain, and Sheyda Kabob shop (this was suggested by friends in Hamadan). The gentleman kindly, slowly and in almost-musical Kurdish accent gave my very accurate directions to these spots. Naturally, I started with the Bazaar and ended the day on top of the Abidar Mountain in a gorgeous park with the entire city in the view.

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